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Classical Ballet is the basics of all dance and helps with all other sports and physical activities. Attending regular ballet classes will develop lean muscles, core strength , flexibility and enhance posture. Introducing a child to ballet at an early age will help with discipline, poise and grace. The control required for ballet develops a heightened sense of elegance and fluidity.


Dorothy Marshall Studios is one of the longest established ballet schools in the South East having been founded in 1954. The school has successfully tuitored, trained and prepared both girls and boys to successfully audition and gain places at numerous International and Natioanlly recognised Ballet Schools.

These include the Royal Ballet School, The English National, The Central School of Ballet and the Northern Ballet School also continuing and moving onto Ballet Companies such as The Ballet Boyz, The English National Ballet Company, The Northern Ballet Company and the American Metropolitan Company. 


As we have a strong affiliation with the I.S.T.D.(Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) headquarters in London, our school is often asked to provide pupils for the I.S.T.D examinies verification panel.  As well as this we have students compete every year in the I.S.T.D Imperial Classical Ballet Awards which is a National level competition.


As you can see, our reputation is proven by our past and present pupil successes.


Here at DMS we offer ballet classes from 2.5 yrs+ with out First Steps dance programme introducing the students to Classical Ballet.

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